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Amy and Olivia are a mother/daughter writing team from Greenwood, Arkansas. Amy stays busy homeschooling Olivia and her two older brothers. Still, they find time to create characters, plot lines, market their work, and hang out together. Although Amy and Olivia are busy trying to live life as authors, with characters constantly talking to them and changing the direction of their stories (characters rarely act the way they are supposed to, by the way), the dynamic duo enjoys reading, hiking, baking, and spending time outdoors.

Amy and Olivia started their writing career with the Secrets Series, a Young Adult Fiction series based ninety years in the future. The first two books in the series, Secrets Above and Secrets Below, have been completed and published. The third is in the creative process right now.

Along with the Secrets Series, the pair has several other projects that they continue to work on. These will be published after the series is completed.